Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today I will attempt to make blackberry freezer jam.

We have lots (and I mean lots) of wild blackberries here on the farm. I've been picking and freezing them so we'll have them over the winter. (I have a really yummy blackberry cobbler recipe I plan on making over the holidays) Then I had the brilliant idea of making blackberry jam. Since I don't have the glass jars or the huge pot you need to bath the jars, I thought I'd try my hand at freezer jam.

I braved the scary woods and the big spider webs to pick a big bowl of berries. It's sitting on the kitchen counter watching me..... I guess I better get started.....


  1. Yummmy! I love blackberry jam!

  2. Blackberries and a farm, does it get any better than that! I miss farm country!